Fifth Post – CAD


During week 5 we have begun to look at the use of CAD software and different packages offered to us such as rhino, PTC Creo, AutoCAD etc. we had to explore the software’s and find one which suits us best, the one we feel the most comfortable with.


Because I’m a product design student I use SolidWorks regularly therefore I have decided to use this software to create my final model and render it using KeyShot which is a great rendering software.


I began my 3D model by creating the main body followed by the top glass piece and then the stand.


I have then assembled those separate parts together to achieve my full model.


Here are the main developments which I have achieved.

Previously there was no cable hole and because the concrete was tough there was a chipped out bit at the back of the old lamp for the cable to be fed through. This time I will be using a diamond drill bit to drill out a hole in the centre of the lamp, quarter way up from the bottom at the back in order for the cable to be securely placed in the lamp. This will boost the aesthetics dramatically as the main body will still remain a sleek look. And boos the practicality and safety as the lamp wont have a chance to stand on the wire and cut it for example.


The second most important development also happened in not a very noticeable place when you have a first look at the lamp. I have decided to add slots in to which the base/stand will slide into so the hypothesis is that there will be no need to use of glue in order to connect the base to the body.


Here bellow is the old lamp, where you can see how unprofessional and rough the lamp looks when the base and the body are glued on, hence this development which I think will help the design significantly in order to boost the overall appearance.  


Here are some of my renders, I tried to play around and explore using back drops and making more realistic renders.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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