Sixth Post – Press Fit

In Week 6 we have covered the applications and uses of laser cutters. As a Product Designer I have used laser cutter on many occasions in many different projects for different purposes according to the design needs.

Due to the fact that I am developing my old project I decided to focus on the things that went wrong which I would like to improve based on the prototype made last year. One of the main issues was attaching the main concrete body to the Perspex base.

This year I have decided to create slots in the bottom of the concrete base and in order to achieve that I have laser cut those parts as shown in the photograph bellow.


The 2 parts press fit together and then rest on top of the mould where the concrete will take that shape.

I have made a minor mistake and didn’t include the thickness of the mould to the beam which would create the slot. However this was easy to overcome because crafts knife easily cut through the 5mm which were necessary.  I have then glued the parts on top of the mould using mitre mate instant glue.

Here are some pictures of the press fitted parts in use on the mould as well as the concrete setting in the mould.


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